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YogaReAlignment Workshops for teachers

Register Here: The Spine Class $45

Join Ariana in these study groups to learn how you can apply
the latest in human movement science to your practice and teaching.

This series is for Yoga teachers who want an introduction
to (or refresher of) movement science in an approachable way.


Price: $45 per workshop or $99 for all three when you sign up by Sept 28, 2016

Dates: October 4 through Nov 1 – every other Tuesday

  • Tuesday October 4 2:30-5PM The Shoulder Class
  • Tuesday October 18 2:30-5PM The Hips Class
  • Tuesday November 1 2:30-5PM The Spine Class
  • TBD: The Breath Class and The Foot Class are coming soon

What Are These Workshops About?

What You Need To Know About Movement Science and Yoga Asana

Movement science has a lot to offer us as yoga teachers. When we understand the science we can make better choices for ourselves and our students. We can help people move and feel better faster and also know our limitations so we know when to refer out to other specialists.

I’ve chosen some key concepts that I think will be useful for you. This course is meant to give you an overview of important and applicable scientific principles, especially if you tend to feel intimidated by this kind of material. We’ll apply essential information from kinesiology, biomechanics, anatomy, pain science and exercise science.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this series:

  • The latest in science and research
  • Why muscles don’t need to be relaxed in order to stretch
  • The difference between mobility and flexibility
  • Healthy ranges of motion for joints
  • How to apply techniques rooted in the latest research
  • How to build strength alongside flexibility
  • How to work with hypermobile clients
  • You’ll learn more than this but I’m trying to fit this on one page (not happening)

Who Are These Workshops For?

  • Yoga teachers who want an introduction to (or refresher of) human movement science in an approachable way.

This Workshop Series Helps You:

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of relevant movement science disciplines
  • Become better educated about the body
  • Learn how to integrate more of the latest research into your teaching
  • Learn basic and essential kinesiological principles
  • Learn how to work with different bodies
  • Learn creative progressions for poses
  • Help people make meaningful change
  • Distinguish between yoga fact and yoga fiction (B.S. from fact)
  • Problem solve and troubleshoot with clients

What’s the Point?

  • To provide more tools for you as a teacher
  • So you can serve your community better
  • Empower you with credible info so you can make informed decisions when working with your students

Learning Environment:

  • More of a study group than a lecture
  • Accessible – I’m not going to throw big words at you
  • User-friendly, clear, down to earth, and a tad unconventional
  • A myth-busting, no-bull, straight forward approach


Dates: Oct 4, 18, Nov 1, 2016
(Three Tuesday afternoons – every other Tuesday)
Location: Yo Yoga, NYC
Address: 344 East 59th Street, 3rd Floor 10022
Class Times: 2:30pm-5:00pm each workshop
Teacher: Ariana Rabinovitch
Cost: $45 or $99 for all three when you sign up before Sept 28, 2016 (save $36!)

Cancellation Fee: Fee is $10 (you get $35 back) for cancellation up to one week before. Less than one week before – no refund. Full refund if class is cancelled.


For more information contact


The Shoulders Class $45

The Hips Class $45

The Spine Class $45

All Three $99 if you sign up by Sept 28

Early bird registration: Sign up for all three by Sept 28 and Pay $99 instead of $135!

Click Here to Register for All Three (Save $36)! – First Class is Oct 4!

VanessaHeadshot4Ariana is a yoga educator and human movement science enthusiast. She’s the host of the yoga and movement science podcast, Yoga & Beyond, and the co-author of Exposing Yoga Myths. She’s known for her down-to-earth style and for making complex information more accessible.

“I have great respect Ariana as a yoga and movement teacher. She is one of the few professionals in the yoga community who has pored over current published research on human movement science (including anatomy, biomechanics, exercise science, kinesiology, and pain science) and sensibly applied those findings to her instruction and interactions with students and teachers. Her questions about yoga are respectful and important, allowing her to expose myths that surround yoga and develop new ways of teaching. On top of that, she shares her knowledge and experience in a clear, accessible, enjoyable and balanced way. In her workshop, she offers a variety of entry points for thinking about movement, mobility, strength and range of motion, including active discussions of asanas/poses and beautiful computer visualizations of anatomy. Through her workshop, podcast Yoga and Beyond, and co-authored book Exploring Yoga Myths, I have gained confidence as a teacher and found intelligent, evidence-based insights into yoga and other athletic fun.” – Robin Lloyd, science writer, teacher

Ariana is a wonderful teacher!  Her workshop – Yoga Re-alignment shoulders class was wonderful.  She makes learning about anatomy accessible and not scary, as it doesn’t have to be scary!  The workshop was outlined well and she stayed on topic which I appreciate.  She had wonderful images and we had a wonderful discussion about the shoulder within yoga.  I highly recommend studying with Ariana. – Jennifer Ruggiero, owner of  The Pilates Movement

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