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Private Lessons

Strength with Purpose.

I like to help people move better and learn how strong they really are. With an evidence-based approach to yoga and movement (no new age jargon), I work with my clients to find the right combination of strength, mobility and mindfulness for them. I work with all levels so don’t worry if you haven’t done yoga in a while, are completely new to it, or you’re rehabbing from an injury.


  • You’re looking for a smarter approach to yoga customized to your needs
  • You feel like you need a meaningful, stress-reducing practice
  • You want to improve your mobility
  • You’re looking for a movement practice to complement your high intensity workouts (for recovery)
  • You feel stagnant and want to move more
  • You’re tired of feeling achy and stiff all the time
  • You’re rehabilitating from an injury and want to be smart about getting back to your practice

Then please fill out the form below and I will get back to you asap.

Private sessions available at your home facility or at the following locations:

Yo Yoga NYC – 344 East 59th Street

TS Fitness NYC – 328 East 61st Street

 24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

Please give as much notice as possible when rescheduling or canceling appointments. You are responsible for keeping your appointment at the agreed upon time. You will be charged in full for any appointments missed excluding a ONE TIME emergency at my discretion.

Cash, check and credit card accepted. Gift Certificates available

Please fill out this form for rates and availability

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