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Podcast #48 – Yoga Re:Alignment – new workshops for teachers

yoga teacher workshopsIn this bonus episode Jules Mitchell (biomechanist and yoga educator) asks me questions about my new yoga teacher workshops called the Yoga Re:Alignment Workshop Series. We also talk  about the role of movement science in yoga asana and whether or not yoga is about more than the poses…of course it is.


  • Movement Science and Yoga asana – why study it? How does it benefit yoga teachers and students.
  • The workshops are for teachers who take their continuing ed (about the human body) seriously and who want a more well rounded approach to their teaching. It can help teachers be more efficient, help their students and to make smarter choices.
  • Do all yoga teachers have to study this? No. it’s for teachers who want to specialize in movement and the body. Yoga is comprehensive and there are so many directions to explore in yoga – the spiritual, philosophical. I don’t think yoga teachers should have to be experts in all of that. We can hone in on what we’re passionate about. I chose the body. Of course yoga is more than the poses and isn’t just about the body. But there’s nothing wrong with specializing in that.
  • The role of listening to your body in yoga and when that might lead us in the wrong direction. Examples of that are feeling tight somewhere and how we experience pain.
  • What is human movement science – an organized body of knowledge of about human movement.
  • There are many scientific disciplines that fit into that category. We touch on a few of them in the workshops: anatomy, kinesiology, exercise science, biomechanics and pain science.
  • We also discuss hypermobility in each workshop and how to work with people who are hypermobile.
  • There are 3 workshops. Each one is 2.5 hours. The Shoulders Class, The Hips Class and The Spine Class. The Breath Class and The Foot Class are coming soon.
  • It’s a combo of lecture and practice so we look at how to apply the information right away.
  • The classes are designed as study groups so we can come in with questions and try to work out them out together.

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