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Ariana is far beyond your average yoga teacher. Her deep knowledge of the human body, along with an understanding of strength principles makes her unique in her field. As a strength coach I highly value her method, with an emphasis mobility, stability and good breathing patterns. Her programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, which gives me the confidence to recommend her to my clients. Working with Ariana helps my clients to achieve new heights in the gym.

– Corina Soare, Personal Trainer
New York City



Working with Ariana has been one of the most impactful therapies I have engaged in since a car accident two years ago. I knew her first as a yoga teacher, and engaged her privately after my injury left me incapable of returning to class. Her knowledge of anatomy and multidisciplinary approach were instrumental in helping me overcome my balance problems and build back my strength, uniformly improving my health on many levels. I have recently returned to yoga class with confidence, thanks to Ariana’s coaching.

– J. Van-Lier
New York City

Ariana taught my first ever yoga class and I have been taking her class regularly since then. I like how she paces the class and reacts to students’ individual needs. Even in a larger class she manages to give specific one-on-one advice where needed while keeping the entire class active and engaged.Apart from being a great yoga teacher, Ariana is also a very down to earth and nice person and makes yoga fun. There is hardly a class I don’t have to laugh at least once. What really distinguishes Ariana from other teachers though is that she knows (as in KNOWS) her anatomy. She can explain the physical aspects of postures really well which helps me to understand what I need to focus on. As a result I have become much more aware of my posture and breathing in my everyday life. I recently appreciated her expert advice in a private session I took to specifically address a problem in my hip that has been bothering me for almost half a year. Ariana showed me some targeted stretches and exercises I can do to relieve the pain.

–Sarah M.
New York City

I prefer private yoga sessions with Ariana because I’m more of a one-to-one learner. I always feel less stressed after our sessions because they made me get out of my head and focus on my body and breathing. I also feel very stretched out from working on muscles that I didn’t even know I had! Ariana’s yoga lessons are very different from any other traditional yoga classes. I feel like I was getting a private lesson in anatomy as well and find all her knowledge and enthusiasm of the human body very impressive!

–Michelle H.
New York City


Ariana, I look forward to your class each week. You keep me calm and centered and with my ridiculous schedule that is saying a lot. I never feel pushed to do more than I am comfortable doing and yet encouraged to see how much further I can go. You are an amazing instructor, thank you for all you have done to make my living in the city such a pleasure.”

—Karen S.
New York City

What I particularly love about your classes is that the movements you are giving us are directed at the people with minimum yoga experience as well as the advanced ones and every single person benefits from it. Being focused on the breath gives me an unbelievable feeling of lightness and relaxation. I feel that I am ready to “fly” after your class, I feel so much taller and lighter. I also like the fact that you are explaining to the class what part of our bodies this particular pose will benefit.  You have a deep understanding of the body anatomy and it shows.”

—Marina I.
New York City


Ariana has a way of tailoring her teaching to the room while also throwing in subtle prompts and reminders to clue us back into our bodies and breath. Flowing through our vinyasa of choice, she asked us to “try something different” rather than simply fly through poses like we might “always do.”” Read more of the review here

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