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Podcast #34 – The Slow Yoga Revolution with J. Brown


J. was about to quit teaching yoga when a friend convinced him to go to India. After 3 months of learning from a Swami who was unimpressed by what J got props for in New York, the direction of his practice shifted dramatically. The Swami would ask him to do simple poses and then ask […]

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Podcast #13 Matthew Remski Interview


Matthew Remski is a Writer, Therapist and Yoga Asana Teacher working on an inspired book project called WAWADIA: What Are We Actually Doing In Asana?. He and his wife, Alix Bemrose (also a yoga teacher), started contemplating this question recently and then decided to open it up to a broader discussion within the yoga community. […]

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Podcast #08: Jules Mitchell on the Science of Stretching


Jules Mitchell is a Yoga therapist/Biomechanist (MS Candidate in Exercise Science at CSU Long Beach) who is completing her thesis on the Science of Stretching. If you want a sneak peak at her research you can go to her website and read her blog posts  – julesmitchellyoga.com. Jules teaches private yoga lessons, contributes to yoga […]

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