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Jules Mitchell

Podcast #39 – Jules Mitchell Biomechanist Part 2

Jules Mitchell

Redefining stretching with Biomechanist and Yoga Educator Jules Mitchell, MS. We talk about her upcoming book, different types of stretching like PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), the shoulder joint in downward dog and why she doesn’t say the word “tight” anymore when referring to muscles. Listen to Jules’s first interview here. Conversation Highlights: Her upcoming book […]

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Podcast #08: Jules Mitchell on the Science of Stretching


Jules Mitchell is a Yoga therapist/Biomechanist (MS Candidate in Exercise Science at CSU Long Beach) who is completing her thesis on the Science of Stretching. If you want a sneak peak at her research you can go to her website and read her blog posts  – Jules teaches private yoga lessons, contributes to yoga […]

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