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Podcast #44 Greg Lehman – Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science

Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman talks about why pain science and biomechanics need to be reconciled. People think that pain science challenges everything in biomechanics, but it doesn’t. It challenges it a little. We can and should still use biomechanics. It’s still important but you have to add all the psycho social stuff to it as well. We […]

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Podcast #43 Shelly Prosko – Bridging the Gap Between Yoga and Healthcare

Shelly Prosko 2

Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT, CPI, specializes in pain science, yoga therapy and pelvic floor health. She is dedicated to bridging the gap between yoga and modern healthcare philosophies and believes this integration is highly effective in creating and sustaining optimal health. Shelly has been integrating yoga into her physical therapy treatments since 1998, addressing a wide […]

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Podcast #40 – Lauren Ohayon

Lauren Ohayon, Holy Shift Yoga

Lauren Ohayon is a body mechanics geek who relishes in constant learning, laughing and community. Through her biomechanics and movement studies, Lauren has developed a style of teaching that helps students gain awareness of their structure as well as understand how to re-balance their bodies. She also specializes in helping clients with diastasis recti, organ […]

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Podcast #23 James Earls – Born To Walk


James Earls is a Structural Integrationist, Writer, Lecturer, Bodywork practitioner and the director of Kinesis UK. We talk about his book, Born to Walk : Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement which combines evolutionary anatomy, the Anatomy Trains model and the latest research on fascia to create an up to date vision of how […]

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