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Podcast #33 – Healthy Brain, Happy Life with Dr. Wendy Suzuki


How does exercise affect the brain? After achieving tenure at NYU and researching how memory works in the brain, neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki realized that her life was in the lab and her social and physical well being were suffering because of it. She wasn’t maximizing the potential of her brain because everything you do […]

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Podcast #25 Dr. Mark Cheng


Dr. Mark Cheng dedicates his life to improving the human condition through strength, performance, discipline, and learning. His expertise is vast and varied: Martial Arts, Russian Kettlebells, Acupunture, Combatives Research, Functional Movement Systems, Human Performance & Rehabilitation. And yet it’s all intertwined and inseparable. His martial arts training is very much a part his medical […]

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