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Podcast #49 – Core Stability and Low Back Pain

core stability and low back pain

The Yoga and Movement Research Series Core Stability and Low Back Pain Jenn Pilotti and I discuss a thorough review of 29 studies that answers this question: Are core stability exercises the best for back pain? The meta review was conducted in 2014 and is entitled, “An update of stabilization exercises for low back pain: a […]

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Podcast #17 Todd Hargrove – A Guide to Better Movement


Todd Hargrove is a Rolfer, Feldenkrais Practiotioner and the Author of A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain. He talks about about pain science, what good movement is, why it’s important to have it, some myths about pain, why perfect biomechanics doesn’t guarantee pain-free movement, […]

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