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Podcast #19 Dr. Kathy Dooley – Rehabilitative Chiropractor


Dr. Kathy Dooley’s energy and passion are infectious. She’s a Rehabiliatitve Chiropractor, Anatomy Professor at six (yes, six!) medical institutions and lead instructor for Neurokinetic Therapy®.  She leads by example and makes it her mission to help the world gain mobility, stability, and strength. Check out her daily inspirations on her website: drdooleynoted.com. She talks […]

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Podcast #06: Dr Emily Splichal Interview


A Podiatrist with a Passion for Human Movement Dr Emily Splichal is a Podiatrist in NYC with a passion for analyzing and optimizing human movement potential. She founded and created EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy) which is a Continuing Education Institute dedicated to providing scientific and research-based information for health and fitness professionals. She also […]

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Why I Combine Functional Movement and Yoga

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.33.05 PM

It All Started With The Hip Hinge (or lack there of) One day I was watching my friend and colleague teach an outdoor vinyasa yoga class. It was a full class and I kept focusing on one gentleman in the middle of the group. They were doing sun salutations and every time he bent forward […]

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