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Podcast #40 – Lauren Ohayon

Lauren Ohayon, Holy Shift Yoga

Lauren Ohayon is a body mechanics geek who relishes in constant learning, laughing and community. Through her biomechanics and movement studies, Lauren has developed a style of teaching that helps students gain awareness of their structure as well as understand how to re-balance their bodies. She also specializes in helping clients with diastasis recti, organ […]

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Podcast #07: Physical Therapist, Jamie Francis Interview

Jamie Francis, Physical Therapis, NKT Practitioner

              A Conversation with Jamie Francis, PT PT, Jamie Francis, specializes in working with children at Shriners Hospital and Crossfitters in Westfield, Massachusetts. I met Jamie while I was looking into Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). NKT is a manual muscle testing technique developed by David Weinstock that is becoming more […]

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