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Podcast #43 Shelly Prosko – Bridging the Gap Between Yoga and Healthcare

Shelly Prosko 2Shelly Prosko, PT, PYT, CPI, specializes in pain science, yoga therapy and pelvic floor health.

She is dedicated to bridging the gap between yoga and modern healthcare philosophies and believes this integration is highly effective in creating and sustaining optimal health. Shelly has been integrating yoga into her physical therapy treatments since 1998, addressing a wide variety of conditions and populations, with a special focus on helping people suffering from persistent pain and pelvic health issues.

She travels globally offering specialty PhysioYoga Therapy workshops, lecturing at medical college programs, instructing at yoga therapy trainings, presenting at international medical and wellness conferences, and actively promoting the integration of medical therapeutic yoga into our current healthcare system.

In this episode we discuss what yoga therapy is, how it can be used in healthcare professions, pelvic floor health, pain science, how the research does not support the idea that “optimal alignment” eliminates pain and the how we can still teach alignment without instilling fear of movement and more.

Conversation Highlights:

  • What Medical Therapeutic Yoga is and how she integrates yoga into her PT practice
  • The difference between Yoga Therapists and Yoga Teachers
  • How she incorporates Pain Science into her work
  • Her work with Neil Pearson and Pain Care Yoga
  • Fear mongering in yoga instruction – sometimes we unknowingly instill fear of movement. We have to be careful about blanket statements about certain movements being good or bad
  • The concept of ideal alignment does not necessarily result in pain free movement. The research does not support the claims of the relationship between alignment/structure/biomechanics and pain.
  • Brief explanation of pain science and how the experience of pain is an output of the brain
  • Why we need variability of movement for resiliency!
  • We don’t need to throw out the structural model. There are other purposes for biomechanics and alignment depends on the individual and the task at hand
  • What Pelvic Floor Health is and why it matters
  • The role of pelvic floor muscles with breathing, hip function, and balance
  • What current research tells us about yoga therapy and Pelvic Floor Health. There’s a lot we still don’t know!

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