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Podcast #15 Dr. Perry Nickelston – Stop Chasing Pain/Primal Chains

Dr. Perry Nickelston is a movement-based Chiropractor, founder of Stop Chasing Pain, creator of Primal Movement Chains, Master Instructor for NKT® (Neurokinetic Therapy) and Rocktape, and Instructor for FMS (Functional Movement Screen), SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). We talk about his work as a Chiropractor, his Primal Chains Workshop, what Stop Chasing Pain is about and how it all started.

Conversation Highlights:

  • How back injuries from bodybuilding prompted him to become a Chiropractor in 1997
  • How movement rehabilitation became a critical part of his work
  • Laser Therapy – why he uses it with all his patients
  • Rocktape – how he uses it and trains clients with it
  • How Gray Cook’s Athletic Body in Balance opened his eyes and was a game changer for him
  • Results with his patients skyrocketed when he looked outside of the site of pain
  • The Primal Movement Chains Course: how it encompasses his research about neuroscience, developmental movement patterns, fascial subsystems, force transmission and more
  • RAIL System – Release, Activate, Integrate, Locomotion and why that order is important
  • NKT – Neurokinetic Therapy  – how he uses it. How motor control is basically stability
  • A case study with a swimmer he worked with who was having calf pain. How the source/cause of that calf pain was related to the neck. 
  • The inner core and outer core – and how they relate to stability and pain (why he’s a stability guy)
  • How people/athletes use momentum to cover up dysfunction
  • Why rolling patterns are valuable movement assessments
  • His upcoming workshops and trainings


Stop Chasing Pain

Primal Chains Workshop

Body Teaser: Rolling Patterns!

[The body teasers play off of the concept of brain teasers. The goal is to get us thinking about how we move, experiment, play, and ultimately to improve how we move.]  Dr. Perry assesses rolling patterns with his clients so try it out for yourself! There are instructions below for upper extremity rolls. Or you can watch this video where he describes the upper and lower extremity rolls.

1: Supine to prone upper-extremity roll. Maintain the neck in a flexed position as you lead with the eyes and let the rest of the body follow. Look in the direction you want to go. Your lower body and legs should not move until the end when you rollover.

2: Prone to supine upper-extremity roll. Lift your head, extend the neck and look where you want to go. Allow the upper torso to follow and followed by the lower extremity. There is no movement in the legs until you roll over. Return to starting position and repeat, alternating leading with each arm. Remember the cheats: moving too fast and using the legs to initiate the movement.

For a more in depth article by Dr. Perry about primal rolling patterns click here.

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