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What Do Horses
Have to Do With Yoga?

One of the many beautiful RF horses

  Ahimsa and Animal Cruelty There is a tenet of yoga philosophy called ahimsa. It means non harming or non-violence and also has the positive meaning of ‘love embracing all creation.’ Being kind to animals is part of ahimsa. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and I probably passed that on to my […]

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Did Someone Say Kale Smoothie?


Kale-To-Go This is my go-to kale smoothie recipe. When I am in a hurry or feel like a need a little energy/healthy food boost I make one of these. Blending spinach and kale into smoothies is a great way to add raw greens to your diet. By now everyone knows that kale is a SUPERFOOD […]

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The MELT Method and Why You Need To Know About It

Sue Interview

As I have mentioned before I am a constant learner.  I take in as many perspectives as possible in order to strive for a more nuanced and complete understanding of Anatomy and Human Movement. One of the books I have been reading is Sue Hitzmann’s The MELT Method.  I was planning on writing a review […]

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5 Ways to Fit Yoga Into Your Busy Life


Looking for ways to fit yoga into your busy life? Students tell me all the time that they want to do yoga more often.  No matter how good they feel after a yoga class. No matter how much they know it helps them cope with daily stress, they still don’t do it as often as […]

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Feeling Stressed? Try Belly Breathing!

Belly Breath – A Calming Breath Technique Yoga offers many breathing techniques known as PRANAYAMA. Belly Breath is one of the most calming methods. You don’t actually breathe into the belly, but you relax your belly so that the diaphragm (important breathing muscle!!!) can contract. When it contracts it pulls down and pushes the organs in […]

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Should You Do Yoga Every Day?

Most yoga teachers tell you to practice every day. But you shouldn’t – and at the least, you shouldn’t do the same set of poses every day.  Why? Because anything that you do repeatedly over long periods of time can lead to a repetitive stress injury (RSI). Even yoga. And especially some of the common […]

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