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Podcast #56 – Osteoporosis and Yoga

 The Yoga and Movement Research Series

Can 12 minutes of yoga a day reverse osteoporotic bone loss? The title of this study “Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Regimen Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss” might lead you to believe so, but the results and data are incomplete and inconclusive.  Jules and I talk about this complicated, underwhelming study published in the Geriatric Rehabilitation Journal in 2015. 

Jules Mitchell is a Yoga Educator, Biomechanist and contributor to the Yoga and Movement Research Project (YAMResearch.com)


  • the New York Times article about the study
  • Weight training to prevent osteoporosis video
  • Wolff’s Law in a nutshell:  bones need to be loaded in order to get stronger.
  • Progressive Overload principle in a nutshell: in order for tissues to continue to adapt, load needs to be progressively increased in volume and intensity.
  • Is 12 minutes of yoga progressive enough to continue to adapt the bone? We question whether or not yoga is progressive enough. If you’re not active, then bodyweight exercises would be a great step in the early phases of progressive overload but at some point the bones would have to be stressed more.
  • Here’s the catch 22. It can be argued that if bones are fragile they shouldn’t be loaded because they’re at risk but at the same time the only way to get them stronger is to load them. It’s a conundrum and it’s being figured out in the literature.
  • Exercise recommendations from the International Osteoporosis Foundation

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