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Podcast #10: Marjorie Brook Interview

circle-marjorie-4Marjorie Brook is a massage therapist who specializes in scar tissue therapy. She’s also an author, and international educator. Her articles have appeared in magazines such as Massage Today, American Fitness, and Massage World. For the last 1o years she has been educating people about the significance of scar tissue and the importance of stretching. We talk about what scar tissue is, why it’s so important and her work as an educator.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Why she’s so passionate about scar tissue therapy – how it all started for her
  • What scar tissue is and the difference between scar tissue and adhesions
  • How common scars we get as children have long term effects
  • Some of her cases with clients that she has treated
  • Her bandaid analogy for how scar tissue forms and is broken down by the body
  • Common issues with breast surgery patients – why she suggests lymphatic massage pre and post surgery
  • Impact of C-section scars
  • Emotional impacts of scars, how they can cause PTSD
  • Her work as an educator and how she wants to change the manual therapy field
  • Her signature STRAIT Method™
  • How she incorporates other modalities into her therapy – Taping, Original Strength, restoring optimal breathing
  • Common breath dysfunctions
  • Her  signature ITS Method – Integrative Therapeutic Stretching™ – how it works with the body and not against it
  • Her Flexibility First manuals for patients and professionals

Sneak Peak Snippet:

Whether you are rehabbing, training or just going through daily routines of life, the body needs balance, it needs to be both flexible and strong however flexibility comes first. One should never strength train a joint that does not have full ROM. If a muscle and surrounding fascia are restricted strength training will only cause more of a restriction and possible damage to occur.  On the flip side one should never open up a joint or restricted muscle without understanding the reasons why it is tight, such as compensation or the body’s stability will be compromised.


Marjorie Brook Seminars website

Marjorie’s Facebook Page

Original Strength

Body Teaser:

The body teasers play off of the idea of brain teasers. The goal is to get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move. Recall if you have a scar from long ago from a surgery, a bike accident when you were a kid, or from banging your shin over and over again on a coffee table! Consider if you have any other issues in that area or on that side of your body. Could it be traced to this scar? Is the skin around the scar stuck? The skin should easily move around that area. You can start by applying gentle pressure and moving the skin around with your fingers and hands. You can also use a therapy ball that has a grippy texture on your skin (I use Yoga Tune Up balls for this). You might also want to schedule a session with a manual therapist that specializes in scar tissue. I’d love to hear what you learn so please share your findings in the comments below or on my facebook page (use the #ImproveHowYouMove hashtag).

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