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Podcast #19 Dr. Kathy Dooley – Rehabilitative Chiropractor

BACKGROUND-Dr. Kathy Dooley’s energy and passion are infectious. She’s a Rehabiliatitve Chiropractor, Anatomy Professor at six (yes, six!) medical institutions and lead instructor for Neurokinetic Therapy®.  She leads by example and makes it her mission to help the world gain mobility, stability, and strength. Check out her daily inspirations on her website:

She talks about her new training and rehab facility – Catalyst SPORT NYC, her work as a Rehabilitative Chiropractor, Anatomy Professor, the stability/mobility puzzle, gait analysis, the importance of breath and more.


Conversation Highlights:

  • The story of her new business – Catalyst SPORT NYC. How she met Joe Boffi and Jason Kapnick and decided to open up a training/rehab facility in Midtown Manhattan
  • Dr. Kathy’s work as a Rehabilitative Chiropractor – how she uses therapeutic exercise and manual therapy (such as ART, NKT, FMS, SFMA, DNS) to help prevent and rehab discomfort
  • She spends most of her time doing movement evaluation to try and get to the root dysfunction of someone’s pain or injury
  • Most often our pain is less of a structural problem and more about faulty movement patterns
  • How she incorporates Kettlebells into her rehab work (oh yeah, she’s a SF level 2 Girya!)
  • Why she is getting a degree in acupuncture – to help her look more holistically at her patients to see the big picture. It’s not enough to just look at what’s going on with the musculoskeletal system
  • Common findings with her NYC clientelle these days – most people run themselves to the ground, have hiked up traps from carrying and to avoid the wind, shoulder impingement issues, breathing issues, low back pain, they are tapped of their resources
  • Gait analysis is huge for her – different gait theories from Motion Palpation Institute, Gary Ward’s AiM, The Gait Series from Gary Gray
  • There’s a lot of opinion out there and we will probably never find anyone who knows everything about gait
  • More and more people are turning to their trainers to improve their health and they’re asking questions they might have normally asked their doctors. Why she thinks this is great especially because we have a movement problem here in the US (agreed!)
  • Mobility and stability – sometimes what we think is a mobility issue is actually a stability issue – “tight” hamstrings are often an example of this
  • Why breath work and working out barefoot helped her more than anything to develop her integrated core strength (we talk about Dr. Emily Splichals Barefoot Rehab programming)
  • It baffles her that breath is not more of a focus for every single element of health
  • “every single breath you do all day long can either set you up for stability or it can take it away and create mobility problems”
  • In her opinion, Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains are a great place to start – but it’s possible to get stuck in these myofascial lines. When she’s dissecting she doesn’t see those lines. She sees so many more connections and potential.
  • Her Immaculate Dissection course which launches January 10th 2015: lecture, palpation and corrective movement course
  • Why she relies on both clinical based research and evidence based research
  • Her favorite anatomy books: British Grays Anatomy, Thieme Anatomy Atlas, Anatomy Trains, and Netter when it comes to nerves


 Immaculate Dissection Course

Catalyst SPORT NYC

Dr Dooley’s Videos!

Body Teaser: Dying Bug

[The body teasers are a play on brain teasers. The goal is to play, experiment, get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move.]

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