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Podcast #07: Physical Therapist, Jamie Francis Interview

Jamie Francis, Physical Therapis, NKT Practitioner








A Conversation with Jamie Francis, PT

PT, Jamie Francis, specializes in working with children at Shriners Hospital and Crossfitters in Westfield, Massachusetts. I met Jamie while I was looking into Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). NKT is a manual muscle testing technique developed by David Weinstock that is becoming more widely used by Physical Therapists, Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals. I plan on taking the NKT Level 1 training and I wanted to hear how she uses it to help her patients. She also recently completed the first two levels of Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion training so I had to ask her about that too.

Here’s What We Talk About In This Podcast

  • How she treats children at Shriners Hospital
  • How she treats Crossfit athletes
  • What methods and modalities she uses to treat her patients and clients
  • What is NKT and how does she use it
  • How trainers and movement professionals can use NKT
  • Anatomy in Motion course by Gary Ward and how that will fit into her work as a PT
  • Jamie’s definition of functional movement
  • The importance of breath


For information about Neurokinetic Therapy : www.neurokinetictherapy.com

For information about Gary Ward and Anatomy in Motion: www.anatomyinmotion.co.uk

What the Foot by Gary Ward

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