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Podcast #23 James Earls – Born To Walk

jamesearlscopyJames Earls is a Structural Integrationist, Writer, Lecturer, Bodywork practitioner and the director of Kinesis UK.

We talk about his book, Born to Walk : Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement which combines evolutionary anatomy, the Anatomy Trains model and the latest research on fascia to create an up to date vision of how we walk. This is the first time the Anatomy Trains model has been applied to gait!

We talk about efficient walking patterns, how the AT myofascial meridians work in the gait cycle, minimalist footwear, whether or not walking is falling, the pelvic floor, psoas restriction, orthotics and more.

Listeners who sign up for his workshop in North Carolina get a free signed copy of Born to Walk. (details below)

Conversation Highlights:

  • How rare it is to encounter the level of efficiency in gait that he talks about in the book
  • Walking happens at a subconscious level. We shouldn’t be thinking about it. It should be automatic.
  • Why he decided to apply the Anatomy Trains model to gait. He’d been working with Tom since 1999 and teaching for him since 2006.
  • The 4-year process of figuring how the AT slings relate to movement
  • Why Tom Myers changed the Spiral Line in the latest edition of Anatomy Trains (thanks to James)
  • Movement efficiency is minimizing calorie use
  • The role of the fascial tissues and elastic recoil
  • What hydraulic amplifiers are
  • How some yoga methods could help maintain that elastic recoil
  • The hallmarks of efficient walking and what it should feel like
  • Arm swing in gait, what happens if you don’t swing the arms because you’re carrying stuff all the time
  • Walking isn’t necessarily falling
  • How the feet should track when we walk
  • The connection between the deep front line at heel strike and a healthy pelvic floor
  • How a quick medial whip of the heel at toe off can be an indication of a psoas restriction
  • Minimalist footwear and How less than ideal shoes affect the myofascial meridians
  • Why orthotics should be a last resort for some people


Walking the Lines Workshop:

Register for the Walking the Lines workshop in NC by August 20th and get a free copy of Born to Walk signed by James!

Use promotion code Y&B2015 when you sign up.

Click here to register

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Why I like SKORA shoes: they’re made of materials that biomechanically conform to your foot for a comfortable fit that encourages natural movement!

Body Teaser:

[The body teasers are a play on brain teasers. The goal is to play, experiment, get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move.]

James recommends forward lunges:

  • Start from neutral
  • Step forward with one foot and a little knee flexion
  • Maintain an upright sternum.
  • Keep the back heel down sometimes and other times let it peel off the floor so you come into toe extension.
  • If possible do the forward lunges with a minimalist shoe or barefoot
  • Experiment with the stride length
  • Experiment with speed


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