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How to Treat Bunions [Part 2 with VIDEO]

This one is for the ladies – ladies with bunions. Unfortunately women get bunions more than men do. For the most part I attribute it to the shoes we wear. For a broader discussion of bunions and basic self-care, check out How to Treat Bunions Part 1.

I have many friends who have had bunion surgery and they all tell me that if they knew how to treat bunions on their own they would have skipped the surgery. So here are some videos with suggestions for treating bunions. Bear with me – I am not a video pro – in fact my 7-year-old daughter helped me make the videos. I am not kidding, but hopefully the instructions will come across despite my poor video skills!

It’s All About The Big Toe

The common thread through all of these videos is to stretch the big toe away from the pinky toe and retrain the big toe to move straight up and down-the way it was designed to move.

1. Bunion Self-Care Video 1

All you need for this one are your fingers and a light stretchy band. I used a red Theraband, which you can find at sporting goods stores and online. A strong Theraband will be too hard for the big toe to move so the lighter the better.

2. Bunion Self-Care Video 2

I am using my all time favorite Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls for this one.

3. Bunion Self-Care Video 3

I learned this technique from Sue Hitzmann’s Melt Method. I am using a soft ball and a broccoli ruberband in this video – both of which came in a Melt Method ball kit that I have.

There you have it! Three suggestions.

If you have questions, please ask!




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