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Feeling Stressed? Try Belly Breathing!

Belly Breath – A Calming Breath Technique Yoga offers many breathing techniques known as PRANAYAMA. Belly Breath is one of the most calming methods. You don’t actually breathe into the belly, but you relax your belly so that the diaphragm (important breathing muscle!!!) can contract. When it contracts it pulls down and pushes the organs in […]

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Should You Do Yoga Every Day?

Most yoga teachers tell you to practice every day. But you shouldn’t – and at the least, you shouldn’t do the same set of poses every day.  Why? Because anything that you do repeatedly over long periods of time can lead to a repetitive stress injury (RSI). Even yoga. And especially some of the common […]

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Change Your Posture. Change Your Life.

If you have been to my class recently you may have noticed that my classes have changed a little bit.  It’s not you, it’s me. I’m a perpetual learner and don’t adhere to one style of yoga. The more I learn, the more I enjoy gathering the best techniques in order to create sequences that […]

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