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Podcast #12 Gary Ward Interview

Gary Ward in action at an AiM courseGary Ward is the creator of the Anatomy in Motion (AiM) courses and the author of What the Foot?: A Game-Changing Philosophy in Human Movement to Eliminate Pain and Maximise Human Potential.

Referred to as a “next generation” movement therapy technique, the AiM method enhances sports performance, prevents injuries and eliminates existing and often long term physical problems.  We talk about the book, the philosophy behind Anatomy in Motion and how Gary is trying to push the frontiers of belief when it comes to how we think the body moves.

 Conversation Highlights:

  • How Gary went from fitting ski boots to helping people get out of pain 
  • How the What the Foot? book and Anatomy in Motion course work together
  • Why the philosophy is a game changer
  • Why static stretching doesn’t work
  • Why we need to mobilize our core rather than “stabilize” it
  • How lot of the hip and shoulder problems arise in people who stabilize their core
  • What the Flow Motion Model is
  • Squats – why he rejects the common squat instruction to prevent the foot from supinating while keeping the knees in line with the second toes
  • Why up to 95% of people struggle with pronation
  • Why the Gluteus Maximus muscle is so pathetic
  • Why it’s important to lengthen a muscle in order to give it no option other than to contract
  • How joints act and muscles react
  • In the Flow Motion Model, when the body is reintroduced to its center, tissue length is restored!


What the Foot? by Gary Ward

Anatomy in Motion Courses and Clinics

Body Teaser:

[The body teasers play off of the idea of brain teasers. The goal is to get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move.] This is actually a brain and body teaser combined. It comes straight out of the What the Foot? book. There are other questions like it peppered throughout the book but this is the one that gave me the idea to incorporate body teasers into every podcast. Here’s the question: “A single muscle can play different roles in different dimensions at the same time. This means that it can be lengthening in one plane and shortening in another plane at the same time. Try and put your psoas in a stretch in the sagittal plane and transverse planes and shorten it in the frontal plane. This happens in one particular phase of gait and allows another major muscle to fully stretch in all three planes. Can you guess what it is?”

Gary gave me the answer to this question when we spoke because my answer was wrong. He said I came close but he was being nice about it. If you want to take a crack at it, comment below. I will post the answer in a few days!

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  1. Eleanor April 5, 2015 at 2:04 PM #

    What was the answer?

    • admin April 5, 2015 at 8:42 PM #

      ha! Thanks for asking Eleanor! It’s the ipsilateral adductor longis and brevis:)

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