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Foundations of Movement Class Series

FoundationsofMovementFoundations of Movement (FoM) is a combo of yoga and other movement modalities that helps you build strength, restore mobility and feel energized. Instead of the typical “fast and furious” workout we emphasize mindful and practical strength in movement.
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30PM
@TS Fitness – 328 East 61st Street, 4th Floor

Buy a Single or Class-Pack:

I highly recommend the 5-pack so you can experience all 5 classes in the FoM series.

Buy a Single Class or a Class Pack!

All FoM classes are semi-private which means class is limited to 4-5 people and you get the personalized programming of a private session for less than half the cost.

FoM emphasizes movement skill, coordination and ease of movement. It’s designed to help improve how you move by resetting breathing patterns, training core stability and joint mobility. In each class we combine yoga and strength work to restore mobility, prevent injury and help you feel energized.

The 5 sequences in the FoM class series are (see more below): Core Stability, Thoracic Mobility, Better Balance, Hip Mobility, and Shoulder Mobility. All of the classes build on each other to improve how you move and feel.

Improve how you move.
Improve your quality of life.


This class is good for:

  • Yoga practitioners who want to learn the underpinnings of movement behind the postures
  • Athletes who want to prevent injuries and improve performance
  • PT clients who want to continue the injury rehabilitation process
  • Anyone interested in improving the function of their body


Advanced registration and payment is required before class. Space is limited to 4-5 people per session.
To pay and register for class:

  1. Email Ariana at Include your first and last name, and which date you wish to attend. Click here to see the class schedule.
  2. Make your payment with the PayPal options above.

Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before class begins for a refund. No refunds after that time.

CLASS PRICES (per 60 minute class)

$45 for a single class
$35 per class when you buy a 5-pack
$35 per class when you buy a 10-pack (First time buyers get a set of Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls)

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before class begins for a refund. No refunds after that time.

What to bring: Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. Yoga or workout clothes are fine. We don’t wear shoes or socks in class. You can bring your own mat if you wish or one will be provided for you. Sometimes we may not even use the mats because the floors are padded. There is a restroom where you can change before and after class.

A little more about what we do in each class:

We do some yoga-esque things and some other types of movement.  There are certain movements we should all have in our back pocket and when we work to maintain these it helps us with everything else, whether it’s yoga, athletic training or just life stuff like carrying groceries. These are the essentials (too often ignored) that we all need to improve upon and maintain for our over-all well being. In my experience it’s the seemingly small details that make the biggest difference. This applies to everyone – all ages, and all activity levels.

We rotate 5 classes in the Foundations of Movement series:

  1. Core Stability (the core class) – This isn’t about having a six-pack or doing a million sit ups. It actually has more to do with our breathing mechanics. It’s about reflexive core strength and the ability to stabilize in the trunk when needed.
  1. Thoracic Mobility (the back class) – Many of us have become very rigid and “stuck” in our thoracic spines – this often leads to neck, shoulder and low back problems. It also negatively impacts our breathing. We do all kinds of moves to restore healthy movement in the back.
  1. Better Balance (the balance class) – Everyone has work to do when it comes to . Improving your balance helps you avoid those unexpected falls, improve your walking and running abilities. We do a lot of foot mobilizations in this class and challenge our sense of balance.
  1. Hip Mobility (the hips class) – This is not about the typical “hip opening” in yoga classes where you hold a long pigeon pose. That’s one position the hip is capable of. This is about developing and maintaining healthy ranges of motion at the hip joints.
  1. Shoulder Mobility (the shoulders class) – We all hold a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders (possibly because we’ve lost some thoracic spine mobility and lack core stability). This is about regaining and maintaining healthy range of motion in the shoulder joint complex.

Better Breathing Habits (bonus feature!) –  this is something we focus on in every class because there’s always room for improvement when it comes to the breath. We all get stuck in bad unconscious breathing habits, especially when we’re stressed. And guess what helps regulate stress? Better breathing!

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