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Podcast #06: Dr Emily Splichal Interview


A Podiatrist with a Passion for Human Movement

Dr Emily SplichalScreen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.57.45 PM is a Podiatrist in NYC with a passion for analyzing and optimizing human movement potential. She founded and created EBFA (Evidence Based Fitness Academy) which is a Continuing Education Institute dedicated to providing scientific and research-based information for health and fitness professionals. She also created and teaches a signature BARE workout at Crunch gyms in NYC.

Evidence Based Fitness Academy

EBFA’s fitness education revolves around the feet – bare feet. Her basic premise is that there is tremendous benefit to be gained from doing targeted exercises without shoes on. Shoes desensitize the feet (which have more nerve endings than our hands) and inhibit ideal joint function. When we train barefoot we stimulate those nerve endings in the feet and strengthen intrinsic foot muscles. This improves balance and muscle activation in the knees, hips and core muscles. As she says it works from the ground up.

Barefoot Rehab® Certification

I was very happy to take Dr Emily’s Barefoot Rehab certification recently. After all, I have a thing for feet. I have written before about my Podiatrist grandfather who had a big influence in my life. I lived with my grandparents for many years when I was growing up and I still remember some advice he gave me:

  1. Wear shoes with wide toe boxes
  2. Wear shoes with flexible soles so the big toe can extend
  3. Make sure that socks and tights don’t squeeze the toes together

Thanks to him I learned early on that feet are the foundation for how we move. And if they are messed up then so are our movement patterns. Dysfunction in the feet has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the body and with the Barefoot Rehab training, I now have more tools to use in analyzing and correcting movement from the ground up.

Here’s what we talk about in this podcast:

  • Why Dr Emily decided to become a Podiatrist and how her passion for understanding human movement began.
  • Why she started EBFA
  • Why training bare-foot is so important in simple terms
  • What the BARE classes are like and how they are catching on in gyms around the country.
  • Why barefoot training is NOT barefoot running
  • More detail on how being barefoot impacts neuromuscular function throughout the rest of the body
  • EBFA trainings being offered currently
  • Small nerve vs large nerve stimulation in the feet
  • A key barefoot exercise Dr Emily recommends you can do. It is called Short Foot
  • Common yoga related injuries she sees in her patients
  • Dr Emily’s definition of functional movement

Links mentioned:

To find BARE classes near you: http://barefootstrong.com/

For more information about Evidence Based Fitness Academy: www.ebfafitness.com

Short Foot Activiation: http://blog.evidencebasedfitnessacademy.com/2014/01/22/3-reasons-why-you-need-to-short-foot.aspx

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