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Podcast #25 Dr. Mark Cheng

DocChengDr. Mark Cheng dedicates his life to improving the human condition through strength, performance, discipline, and learning.

His expertise is vast and varied: Martial Arts, Russian Kettlebells, Acupunture, Combatives Research, Functional Movement Systems, Human Performance & Rehabilitation. And yet it’s all intertwined and inseparable. His martial arts training is very much a part his medical education and the other way around.

He’s a speaker and lecturer on optimum human performance, Licensed Acupuncturist and PhD in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He also runs a clinical practice specializing in Tui Na Chinese Orthopedic Manual Medicine in California.

Conversation Highlights:

  • How his father introduced him to CMA and Tai Chi
  • He’s passing on a world view of MA not a parochial view to his kids
  • Some of the experiences he has had with his master teachers and legends
  • How he broke protocol by studying with multiple masters at the same time
  • Yogic elements in every single MA that he’s studied
  • Meditation and breathing – most people don’t realize that meditation boils down to 2 simple things – posture and breath
  • Different martial arts have different breathing practices
  • Some stories about his Kettlebell training with Pavel Tsatsouline
  • How and why he uses the kettlebells for rehabilitation
  • When Pavel introduced him to Gray Cook at the Home Depot Center
  • His clinical practice – Tui Na Chinese Manual Orthopedic Manual Medicine
  • No matter the time in history, we suffer from overusing the body in some shape or form
  • Why movement is like money!
  • How he defines a functional core
  • How the eyes affect the suboccipital muscles
  • His thoughts on breathing and what he looks for in his clients
  • His biggest influences and mentors today
  • Why he and Charlie Weingroff wanted to focus on the hip hinge in their new DVD collaboration/lack of hip mobility in the US
  • Two BODYteasers below

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His influences/mentors:
Gray Cook

Pavel Tsatsouline/Strong First



Martin Wheeler/Systema

Dan Inosanto “the Elvis of Martial Arts”

Shuai Chiao teacher David Lin

Body Teasers:

[The body teasers are a play on brain teasers. The goal is to play, experiment, get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move.]

Dr. Cheng recommends breathing not only into the belly but lower, toward the pelvis, below the belt line. He explains it at the end of the interview. He also recommends these awesome foot mobilizer exercises. I’ve been doing them and I think they’re great!


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2 Responses to Podcast #25 Dr. Mark Cheng

  1. Colin Chambers June 25, 2015 at 4:33 PM #

    This was a really interesting episode Ariana. I just hope it comes to the UK

    • admin June 25, 2015 at 9:40 PM #

      Thanks Colin. You’re hoping Dr. Cheng comes to the UK with Prehab Rehab? Well if you know of a facility that can host him there I’m sure you could put in a request. I think he’s booked for 2016 maybe 2017? You could also check out his Prehab Rehab DVD through movement lectures.

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