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Podcast #02: Chrissy Carter Interview

Chrissy-Carter-681x1024Podcast #02

In this episode of Yoga & Beyond I talk to NYC Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Chrissy Carter. She has been featured in many Yoga and Fitness publications such as Yoga Journal and Prevention. Chrissy also has a Gaiam DVD for beginners called Beginning Yoga: Everything You Need to Know to Begin Practicing Yoga.

Chrissy was my first teacher trainer when I completed the YogaWorks 200-hour training. She’s incredibly smart and inspiring and has a fun way of weaving her love for cuisine and home design into her classes. She is also the teacher who sparked my curiosity for Anatomy. Her intelligent and anatomical references inspired me to learn more about the subject. And to this day it is the focal point of how I teach. Not to worry we don’t just talk about anatomy in this interview – maybe we will in another!

In This Podcast, Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • Chrissy’s Yoga journey: where it began and how she decided to become a teacher
  • Why NYC Teacher Trainings are so popular these days
  • An overview of her Gaiam DVD: Beginning Yoga
  • How she incorporates Anatomy into her teaching
  • Her love for cooking and a Roast Chicken Recipe
  • Why she loves Paris so much and has such a great eye for home decor

Here are the links Chrissy mentions:

Chrissy Carter Beginning Yoga DVDChrissy’s Website and Pinterest Page:


Chrissy’s Beginning Yoga DVD

Upcoming Workshops:
Weekend Retreat at Heathen Hill July 18th – 20th: http://chrissycarter.com/events/

ALIGN, INTEGRATE, OPEN at UWS Yoga and Wellness February 22, 2014:  http://www.uwsyoga.com/workshops/

Serratus Anterior Article:

Roast Chicken Recipe Coming Soon!

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