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Podcast #24 Charlie Weingroff

charlie2Charlie Weingroff: Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified Athletic Trainer and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, formally trained in DNS, ART, Dry Needling, Graston, FMS/SFMA and the RKC

He’s the Director of Sports Performance and Physical Therapists at Drive 495 in NYC. He also trains and rehabs clients at Fit For Life in Marlboro, NJ. Previously he was the Director of Physical Performance and Resiliency and Lead Physical Therapist for the United States Marines Corps Special Operations Command in Camp Lejeune, NC.

When rehabbing his clients he uses a movement based approach rooted in the works of Dr. Vladimir Janda, Gray Cook, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann and Dr. Stuart McGill. When training clients he subscribes to evidence-based training methods and principles of the Functional Movement Screen.

He’s also a lecturer and teacher and has done a number of educational DVDs for  One of the things that I appreciate about his teaching style is that he doesn’t just teach you how to do the exercises, he gives the why behind everything.

We talk about the boundaries of health and fitness professionals; how they can work together to get the best results for their clients; functional movement, squats, deadlifts, reflexive core stability, why Russian Twists are obsolete, why the diaphragm is the most important core muscle (yay!), how yoga fits into an athletic training program, and his educational DVDs including a new one he just released with Dr. Mark Cheng called Hacking the Hinge. (Scroll down for details on getting a 25% percent discount!)

Conversation Highlights:

  • Why he pursued a career as an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist
  • How movement professionals and medical professionals should work together to get results for their clients (He prefers the term healthcare professionals and fitness professionals)
  • He doesn’t like the term Corrective Exercise – he’s more interested in finding the right entry point for every individual rather than correcting anything
  • What functional movement is
  • What core stability is
  • Why mobility is essential for proper stability
  • Mobility training is a precursor for reflexive stability
  • He elaborates on his Pendulum Core Theory
  • The 3 schools of thought on Motor Skill Acquisition
  • The importance of a neutral neck in Squats and Deadlifts
  • Russian Twists – why he strongly advises against them
  • Why the DIAPHRAGM is so important!
  • How Yoga fits into an athletic training program (hint:it’s not a workout)
  • Neurodevelopmental Patterns for training purposes and Developmental Kinesiology (DNS)
  • What his first DVD Training =Rehab/Rehab=Training was all about
  • Lateralizations and Regressions – his second DVD
  • Hacking the Hinge with Dr. Mark Cheng

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Body Teaser:

[The body teasers are a play on brain teasers. The goal is to play, experiment, get us thinking about how we move and ultimately to improve how we move.]

Charlie recommends this breath exercise:

  • Lie on your back
  • Bend the knees and lift the feet up so the hips and knees are at 90 degrees
  • Keep the spine and head flat on the floor
  • Take some deep breaths and notice where there’s movement in your torso. Does it happen high above your ribcage or lower in the pelvis or in the belt buckle area?

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