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Change Your Posture. Change Your Life.

If you have been to my class recently you may have noticed that my classes have changed a little bit.  It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m a perpetual learner and don’t adhere to one style of yoga. The more I learn, the more I enjoy gathering the best techniques in order to create sequences that foster stability, mobility and structural balance.

And I bring all of this to you so that you can Move Better, Know Your Body Better and Live Better.

What is Yoga Tune Up?

I recently completed Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up® training.  Yoga Tune Up (YTU) incorporates yoga poses, corrective exercises and self massage with therapy balls (I plan on offering a therapy ball workshop soon so stay tuned for that one).  It is a way to explore movement and to find the sticky (tight) parts that are underused or perhaps overused. Personally, I have found that YTU helps to restore healthy range of motion in my  joints while promoting strength and flexibility. This all leads to a state of balance and ease in the body. WIN! WIN!

So What Does This Mean For You?

This means that from time to time I will be taking a step back and preparing your body for poses that I probably have been taking for granted, assuming that your body was ready for them.

Take Downward Dog for example.

This pose is probably included in every yoga class from beginner to advanced. And yet it is a super complex pose. It requires a strong core, flexibility in the hamstrings, adductor magnus, glutes and lats. It also requires a stable shoulder joint. The fact is that our seated, texting, poor posture culture tends to create UNSTABLE shoulder joints.

Yes, Posture DOES Matter!

Our bodies get used to the positions we put them in over and over again and eventually start to get fixed there – even when we come to Yoga. This is when problems arise. If you walk into a Yoga class with poor posture and then use that poor posture to come into down dog or plank pose then you are setting yourself up for discomfort or – even worse – injury.

As I begin to incorporate some of the YTU methods, we might do exercises that are out of your comfort zone because they are not what you are used to. We will tone and stretch muscle groups that are often not accessed in traditional yoga poses. But I promise I have your best interest in mind! My goal is to heighten your body sense and improve your posture in and out of my class. If you have not been to my class in a while I encourage you to give it a try.

My hope is that by reclaiming balance in the body and unlearning poor posture habits we can change our lives. This is what I call building body consciousness and I believe that increasing that deep body awareness has the power to heal and transform from the inside out and the outside in.

So bear with me as I make these small and sometimes large changes to my classes and PLEASE tell me what you think or how the poses feel in the comments section below!

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