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Podcast #03: Brooke Thomas Interview

Brooke-Thomas-Au-0048Podcast Interview #03

In this episode of Yoga & Beyond I talk to Brooke Thomas about her new FREE ebook entitled Why Fascia Matters. Brooke is a Rolfing practitioner, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  She personally experienced the benefits of Rolfing in her early 20s. It radically helped her overcome chronic pain which she endured throughout her childhood after suffering a birth injury. She has come a long way since then. She writes on her SomaHappy.com website: “These days, I get to live in a 98% pain free body nearly 100% of the time. That I now do things like (gasp!) teach Yoga Tune Up, or go hike mountains, or drop in on a trapeze class for the day is still a wonder to me.”

She is on a mission to help people feel better in their bodies; not only with her manual therapy and movement therapy but by empowering people with information. Last year she founded FasciaFreedomFighters.com which is dedicated to educating people about the fact that chronic pain is not normal and there are myriad ways to alleviate that pain. The website is a great resource with how-to articles, interviews and all kinds of goodies. I’m a big fan!

why-fascia-matters-cover-300Brooke recently wrote this great free ebook called Why Fascia Matters which is useful for movement professionals and anyone who cares about their physical well-being. She wrote the book in order to expand on a popular article she wrote about fascia for BreakingMuscle.com. I highly recommend this ebook. It is accessible, practical and provides a good overview about what fascia is, why it is important, and how you can take care of it.

 In This Podcast, Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • What is Rolfing and what is Yoga Tune Up. How Brooke uses the two to treat her clients.
  • Why Brooke is on a mission to end physical suffering
  • What is fascia in the simplest terms and why it is so important to know about it and take care of it.
  • What it means that most injuries are fascial.
  • Why Spatial Medicine is so cool
  • Why Movement is different from Fitness (Katy Bowman shout out!)
  • How research is constantly revealing new information about fascia and the role in the body and some of the latest findings.
  • Some simple ways you can take care of your fascia. And how to know if your fascial system is healthy.

Here are the links we mentioned:

Brooke’s fascia powerhouse website: http://www.fasciafreedomfighters.com

You can download Why Fascia Matters here: http://www.liberatedbody.com/

For information about Yoga Tune Up: https://www.yogatuneup.com/

I hope you enjoyed this podcast and if you did, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a review for me here on iTunes.

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