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Podcast #16 Brent Brookbush – Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science

BrentBrookbush3Brent Brookbush  (DPT, PT, MS, PES, CES, CSCS, ACSM H/FS), is the Founder of the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science, and the author of Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise.

His book is a straightforward read that clears up many misconceptions and myths about fitness that permeate our culture and media. I’m a fan of myth busting so kudos to him for putting this content out there. He believes that fitness doesn’t have to be hard or painful and neither should reading about it.

My favorite quote from the book — “Never forget that the real goal is health, not vanity. We are trying to add years to our lives and life to our years.”

We talk about a few myths in the book, the Brookbush Institute, Integrated Muscular Anatomy, Neuroscience, the benefits of stretching, hypermobility, why women should lift, why the no pain no gain mentality is bull, hot yoga and more.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Why he became a personal trainer and then a physical therapist (playing jazz trombone is part of this story!)
  • His practice at the Independent Training Spot in NYC: an independent training studio
  • What the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science is all about – an education platform for functional anatomy, rehab, fitness, performance enhancement
  • What he likes to geek out on – predictive models of postural dysfunction and human movement impairment
  • His book – Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise

    • Myth #18 Why supplements are a sham – how money from that industry “is a multi-billion dollar black hole of wasted resources.”
    • Myths #23/24 Spot reduction doesn’t work. Why targeted exercises – for belly, butt and thighs, for example, are a a waste of time
    • Subcutaneous fat is really nothing more than a battery. This is your reserve energy!
    • Why more women should lift!
    • Myth #43 Why the no pain no gain mentality is a bunch of bull – you don’t have to be sore to build muscle, don’t have to starve in order to lose weight. Just need consistency.
    • Myth #32 Sorry hot yoga friends! Why sweat isn’t melted fat. Sweat isn’t an indication of intensity.
    • Sweating doesn’t rid the body of toxins. That’s what our liver is for!
    • Why cleanses are dangerous. Anytime you see cleanse or toxin removing, you need to be skeptical!
    • The benefits of stretching. What it’s good for. A generalized stretching program might be a bad idea – stretching should be specifically targeted to those muscles that are assessed as short. If it’s not short don’t stretch it.
    • Too much flexibility is just as bad as too little. This is in an important point for the die hard yogis because excessive flexibility is glorified in the yoga community.
    • “Drawing in: vs. bracing vs. belly breathing.
  • His favorite anatomy books: Newman’s – Introduction to Musculoskeletal Kinesiology and Hollinshead’s
  • What integrated muscular anatomy is: practically driven resource that incorporates many models: fascial model, biomechanical model, kinesiological model, arthokinematic, musculoskeletal, nervous system and others.
  • How motor control fits into that puzzle
  • His upcoming workshops and available content on his website


 The Brookbush Institute

Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise

Body Teaser: Active Lat Stretch and Active Hip Flexor Stretch!

Click here for more of Brent’s videos – he has a bunch and he has an uncanny ability to explain with such clarity!

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