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The book: Exposing Yoga Myths

Let’s face it,

The traditional esoteric yoga teaching model isn’t for everyone.

There’s so much insight and benefit we can gain from research and science…for ourselves and our clients.

With over 3,500 “accredited” YTT programs out there,
churning out 15,000 new teachers every year,

We can expect little more than a fast-food approach to a deeply healing modality.

You need more than just a one-dimensional understanding of yoga and movement to:

 Stand Out as an exceptional Practitioner

 Create a client following based on your unique set of results

 Be confident in your ability to help others move intelligently so they can feel better

If you’re ready to move past the surface model of teaching:

Pseudo-scientific claims, constant inner peace, lululemon pants and the latest juicing recipe,

then dive deeper into the science of movement with…

Exposing Yoga Myths V1

Exposing Yoga Myths  Now on Amazon!

“ Love this book. Should be on all YTT’s.”

— Lisa Jones

This book is perfect for those who:

  • Are frustrated with the limitations of your current movement ideology
  • Aren’t seeing the results that you have hoped for and were promised through your training
  • Are noticing a high-level of injury among clients, colleagues and even yourself
  • Are not able to differentiate yourself, your yoga business or your commitment to the healing of others through your current approach
  • Are missing some integral pieces in the evolution of your yoga practice
  • Are disappointed with the mainstream McYoga philosophy as a way to optimal health

Go from just
Yoga Teacher
Yoga Educator

Using the latest in physiology, neuroscience and biomechanics
(written in an easy to read, casual style)

So you can separate
yoga FACT from yoga FICTION


 20+ myths about yoga poses and the practice of yoga EXPOSED

 What you MUST  know about your body in postures to avoid injury

 How to stay safe in your own yoga practice

 How teachers can keep their students safe and clear of injury

How teachers can help their students develop a safe practice and minimize injury.

 The latest scientific information to support your evolving yoga business

 Photos, illustrations, glossary, index

What others are saying about Exposing Yoga Myths:

“We have very little research on the biomechanics of yoga, it’s nice to see what actually is happening versus what we’re have been told is happening….”
–Lauren Smith Reese

Of course this is my new favorite book by Ariana Rabinovitch, Melissa Gutierrez & @Kim-LienKendall. So well written…can’t wait for Volume 2!
–Trina Altman

“Going to make this Embodied Yoga Principles TT required reading.”
–Mark Walsh

“I just recommended it yesterday to a friend currently considering doing YTT with a well known, but rather dogmatic organisation.”
–Catherine O’Mahony

“Love this book…. The headstand/shoulder stand one is my fave, should not be taught in general class… I haven’t taught either of them in my general classes for a few years now.. I dig into this e­book daily.”
–Jackie Quayle  BWY Foundation Course Tutor

Exposing Yoga Myths is necessary to stop diluting our profession and expose those that propagate practitioners who lack knowledge in order to turn profit.  Young, inexperienced teachers fresh out of undisciplined 200‐hour trainings are being shoved into the pipeline unprepared and unsupervised. I’ve experienced first‐hand how they are being shaped by outdated, inbred corporate programs that repeat psuedo-science, teach set sequences that discriminate, administer aggressive hands on adjustments, and set up unsuspecting students for a future of injury and pain. This debunking is a gift from women who are intelligent, give a sh*t, have integrity and are brave enough to shine light into ideas that novice teachers and students blindly trust.  Thank you for your work to reclaim our profession Ariana, Mel and Kim!!
–Tracy Learned



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