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Podcast #53 – Distal Mobility for Proximal Stability

The Yoga and Movement Research Series How does ankle instability affect the knee? In the previous episode Jenn Pilotti and I discussed proximal stability for distal mobility – how core stability affects the knees and ankles. But what about the other way around? How do distal joints affect more proximal ones? Many movement professionals work […]

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Podcast #52 – Proximal Stability for Distal Mobility


The Yoga and Movement Research Series Proximal stability for distal mobility is a principle that’s often used in corrective exercise, manual treatment and personal training. Generally, it means that working on core stability can affect distal joints, providing more mobility. This is logical. A stable core may allow for less chaos in the periphery. But […]

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Podcast #51 – Yoga and athletic performance


The Yoga and Movement Research Series Does Yoga improve athletic performance? It might, but we don’t know exactly how. Jules Mitchell was researching how yoga affects athletics performance for her upcoming book and discovered a gap in the literature. There’s plenty of research about the SAID principle and adaptation, but not enough about yoga’s impact […]

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Podcast #50 – ACE study on Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga pose

The Yoga and Movement Research Series How does Bikram Yoga affect heart rate and core temperature? To be completely honest neither Catherine nor I are fans of Bikram yoga or hot yoga in general. Nonetheless, we did our best to discuss Bikram yoga and this study as objectively as possible. In this episode we reviewed […]

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Podcast #49 – Core Stability and Low Back Pain

core stability and low back pain

The Yoga and Movement Research Series Core Stability and Low Back Pain Jenn Pilotti and I discuss a thorough review of 29 studies that answers this question: Are core stability exercises the best for back pain? The meta review was conducted in 2014 and is entitled, “An update of stabilization exercises for low back pain: a […]

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Podcast #48 – Yoga Re:Alignment – new workshops for teachers

yoga teacher workshops

In this bonus episode Jules Mitchell (biomechanist and yoga educator) asks me questions about my new yoga teacher workshops called the Yoga Re:Alignment Workshop Series. We also talk  about the role of movement science in yoga asana and whether or not yoga is about more than the poses…of course it is. Highlights: Movement Science and […]

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